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Barney Cheng is an active member of the organic farming community in Los Angeles. He grows his own food in the Wattle Farm Community Garden. As an urban farmer, Barney shares the abundance of his organic fruits and vegetables with friends and family.

Check out what Barney is growing this season!


Barney is also a cultural ambassador for Taiwan. He connected Taiwan Ministry of Culture with Outfest, leading Taiwan to sponsor the Los Angeles LGBTQ festival every summer to showcase Taiwanese films and diverse cultures. Barney's goal is to bridge the three communities that enrich his life and identity: Taiwanese-American, LGBTQ and filmmaking.


Check out Barney's latest community blogs.  

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Barney is also on the board of PFLAG SGV API with the mission of empowering Asian-American LGBTQ individuals, their allies and bringing visibility and representation to this community.

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